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Justin Taylor

Justin discusses his secret "EDE" strategy. He goes through the branding foundation of every successful brand ever and breaks is down into 3 simple steps to building a successful brand and business

Robert Nava

Robert shows you how to keep it simple. He goes over the only things you really need to worry about when getting started with eCommerce, even as a total newbie. And no matter how advanced you think you are, Robert will show why you are missing out by not keeping it simple

Miracle Wanzo

Miracle demystifies Power Editor, Reports, and Google Analytics so you can have a clear view of how your ads and campaigns are performing, how to track the results, and how to use your analytics data to find new targeting and sales opportunities. She also gives an overview of Google Product Listing ads so you can tap into profitably converting traffic in time for Holiday Shopping.

Phil Kyprianou

Phil will be showing you the quickest way to map out a 5 figure business plan for your eCommerce business and achieve it in just a few short weeks

Devin Zander

Look behind the curtains and see how a $250,000.00 advertising campaign is crafted. Be ruthless and provide more value than anyone else and generating huge paydays such as these becomes a constant. This is a crash course on stealing the spotlight and generating huge profit in a short amount of time

Shawn Lebaron

Shawn speaks about expanding your revenue streams in a sustainable way by taking your hot selling items from Shopify to another platform such asĀ Amazon

Nishant Bhardwaj

Nishant shows you how you can easily scale up your campaigns using the power of lookalike audiences. How to take your campaigns from mediocre sales to massive using his "Leveraged Scaling System." How to guarantee the fail proof targeting for your campaigns, 3 creative ways to use your custom audiences that no one teaches you about, ad copy, and image hacks that will boost your results massively

Matt Schmitt

Matt goes overĀ Marketing Congruency - How to ensure, from your targeting to landing page, that you market in a congruent way to increase your success